What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)? 

EAP is an experiential therapy where humans and horses actively engage together, enhancing clients' healing paths toward wholeness.  The intuitive wisdom and sensitivity of these gentle giants and mini ponies allows participants to learn about themselves. There is no riding. All exploration takes place on the ground through activities designed to promote personal growth and somatic awareness of one's abilities to communicate, set boundaries, and emotionally self-regulate with the caring support of equine partners and human facilitators. 

Mission Statement of W.A.E.:

Providing program equines with a safe and nurturing environment as they heal from abandonment and neglect, giving them a new life purpose, as they assist our human clients with their own therapeutic work. 

Now scheduling EAP sessions for families, individuals and more! See, 'More', above to find the Sessions Page for more information OR click the Sign Up Now button below.

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