What your child can expect from this group:

Explore relationships and connect with equines through groundwork activities designed to develop rapport with horses

Interact with other kids while building kind and gentle horsemanship skills to promote curiosity, trust and authenticity.

Increase interpersonal skills, connect with intuition, identify growing areas, build resilience and regulate nervous system.

Practice self-care and care of others in a safe space fostering collaboration and compassion with equine partners and group facilitators.

Increase identification and communication of feelings and needs while observing equines' mirroring participants' unique experiences.

Pony painting


Please wear clothes that get can get dirty, closed toed shoes, sunscreen, hat and anything else to protect from the weather.  

Snacks provided (please bring a snack if special dietary needs), water and sunscreen are available or bring your own.

Helmets are available but not required, as there is no riding.

WAE just changed our insurance to provide support for families with younger children!!!!! We can now provide sessions for children 2 and up! 

Please join our new Weekly Interactive Group for Youth Ages 4-12

Summer hours!

Join us at the Fillmore Equestrian Center every other Saturday  9:30am - 11:00am

Last group was on: September 12th, 2020! 

Painting with Pony Paints - 

(MH Melanie Moir/ES Heidi Cameron)

Next Group: September 26th -  (MH Melanie Moir/ES Heidi Cameron)

following groups: SATURDAYs

October 10th -  (MH Melanie Moir/ES Heidi Cameron)

 - October 24th -  (MH Melanie Moir/ES Heidi Cameron)

CCHR Help a Horse Day! has been postponed to 4/18/2021 https://www.calcoastalhorserescue.com/

To register please contact us at

805-766-8057,  email - heidiloveshorses@outlook.com or by using the button below. (Registration required before starting group.)


Price: $85 per child (2nd child $75.00, 3rd child $42.50 when registered together - up to 5 children per group).

Please drop off your child(ren) with enough time for them to transition to program by 9:30am. Please return within 5 minutes past 11am. After 15 minutes a $5 charge will be added for each minute past.
If you are wanting to participate with your child, please schedule a family session by calling 805-766-8057

MH = Mental Health Professional

ES  = Equine Specialist

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